Amunì step by step is a non-profit association of young people and adults, secular and independent.

Founded in 2010 by Laura Caimi and Anna Laura Casano, it was born from commitment, passion and enthusiasm of various professional figures driven by the desire to give life to a reality that is an engine of growth and change for the entire community.

Amunì is a word of the Sicilian dialect: it is an invitation to action, movement, interaction between cultures, it is an exhortation to constructively overcome inertia and resignation to identify tools and opportunities that allow everyone to become an active citizen of the world.

Amunì develops and manages training, social and cultural promotion initiatives.

The association is committed to developing new tools, methodologies and opportunities for growth and participation at local, national and international level, paying particular attention to the involvement of individuals with fewer opportunities, to the enhancement of individuals, communities and the territory in a intercultural perspective.

Amunì collaborates with Centers for asylum seekers and political refugees, for whose guests it has carried out different activities: workshops, job orientation, informal and non-formal education activities, intercultural activities. It pursues purposes of social solidarity and has its roots in the recognition of democratic values ​​by referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It participates in the construction of European Citizenship and the enhancement of the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue as a meeting place for different cultures, contributing to the realization of the principles and objectives in the Barcelona Declaration. It also carries out international cooperation activities in favor of disadvantaged areas, aimed at enhancing diversity (political, racial, religious, psychic), meeting peoples and spreading peace, democracy and equal opportunities, against poverty and all forms of of social exclusion.

The association is made up of different professional profiles: educators, psychologists, computer scientists, artists, trainers, intercultural mediators, e-learning experts, journalists.